Our Campus Ambassador Programme is available in Portugal, Poland and Colombia!

What is this programme all about?

This cutting-edge initiative is a joint-venture between Jerónimo Martins and students from several universities. Students help us get around campus and we help them back by empowering their future.

What Is in it for you?

  • Participate in relevant Jerónimo Martins’ events and foster a relation with the Group’s Companies, getting privileged access to people and information that are part of our universe;

  • Work closely with our Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition team and get the chance to positively showcase your talent;

  • A challenge involving a high level of responsibility and creativity;

  • An opportunity of personal development, acquisition of new skills and curriculum enrichment;

  • Get visibility and increasing recognition within your university;

  • Be rewarded at the end of the Programme if you are considered a top Ambassador.

What do you have to do?

  • Help us identify top students and establish a relationship with them;

  • Interface with groups and clubs across campus delivering an enthusiastic message of our Talent Programmes;

  • Identify key campus staff and set up meetings to discuss potential collaborations;

  • Identify recruitment events on campus, analyse and help us attend the ones that are relevant;

  • Pinpoint the best spots to post information or events we might want to sponsor;

  • Act as a true brand message amplifier by leveraging your social network (both online and offline) to share relevant information with the academic community.

Who can apply?

  • Enrolled in full-time undergraduate (Bachelor) or postgraduate (Masters) studies;

  • From any field of study (it’s more important who you are than what you study).

  • Enthusiastic about cooperating with Jerónimo Martins;

  • Engaged in academic communities;

  • Curious and eager to learn about Jerónimo Martins business, products, Companies and careers;

  • Professional in appearance and attitude;

  • Able to fulfil Campus Ambassador responsibilities without jeopardizing academic standing;

5 Signs
What It

1. You are industrious and results-driven.

Every day is a new possibility to make things happen. You take actions and you love to start new ventures.

2. You know your way around campus.

You know who is who at your university. The hot spots on campus are your natural habitat and you engage in every event, from parties to job fairs.

3. You rock on social media.

You know people and people know you. You are a true online trendsetter and your followers are probably too many to count.

4. You’ve got the AC-factor.

Attitude and Communication. Your face lights up when you speak one-on-one and to an audience.

5. You are a Jerónimo Martins enthusiast!

“I think this opportunity is for me. What shall I do?”


Apply until September 18th

Tell us who you are and why do you believe you have what it takes to become a Jerónimo Martins Campus Ambassador at your university.



During the selection process, you will be asked to submit a video-pitch in order to tell us why you should be the chosen ambassador at your campus. If it goes well, we will invite you for an interview where we present the full scope of the initiative and you will be able to confirm that you have what it takes.


From October onwards

Everything is about to change in your academic life and you are about to come aboard an amazing adventure with Jerónimo Martins.

Read what our Campus Ambassadors have to say.


Be the Jerónimo Martins Ambassador

at your Campus


Be the Jerónimo Martins Ambassador

at your Campus


Be the Jerónimo Martins Ambassador

at your Campus


Be the Jerónimo Martins Ambassador

at your Campus